Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Turban Tornado

The current dust-up over the photograph of Obama in traditional Somali dress is a sample of both how nasty and how absurd things are getting between the two camps. Sure, Obama looks ridiculous with a turban--so did Michael Dukakis with a tanker's helmet on in 1988. While it's highly doubtful Hillary ordered the photo released, it is possible someone in the campaign did. On the other hand, numerous photographs, parodies, and cackling laugh tracks of Hillary have abounded during this campaign -- did none of these come from Obama sympathizers?
Sadly for Hillary supporters, this kind of thing is one more reason why she would have trouble winning in the general election. She simply cannot defend herself from attack without her opponent making her seem shrill. The story's coming out now about Hillary's frustration with the campaign are understandable. The press had already lionized Obama and even "pre-martyred" him (see yesterday's New York Times article about the "hushed worry" over Obama's safety). And she is left to flail away. If she did release the photo, it certainly has flopped. Nothing less than a shot of the young Obama vacuuming up a line of coke will do....

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