Friday, January 4, 2008

Winning Big

The people--of Iowa, at least--have spoken and Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are, for the moment, the front-runners. If history is any indicator (see Pat Robertson in 1988) Mike is the least likely of the two to remain in that position, but Obama may have real staying power.Far too early to tell who's going to win these horse-racers; in fact, the picture may not be clear until after Feb 5, when the Mega-Super-Duper twenty state bout hits. But it is extremely heartening for Democrats to see that they were able to pull off twice the turnout that the Republican did--usually Republican organizers have trumped Democrats in this regard--and that many of their workers and caucus-goers were young people. As I have been saying all along, when the general election roles around, watch out for attempts by Republicans to keep Democrat minorities, especially, from the polls by various methods such as the Voter ID laws currently awaiting a decision in the Supreme Court. Tons of Democrats voting for a minority candidate is a Republican nightmare come true.
On to New Hampshire next Tuesday. Watch for Hillary to script a comeback and John McCain to be pushed to the fore. Mitt is Mutt meat, as is John Edwards. Rudy? Well.....he is beginning to sound like a broken record. He was asked last night about the horrible 3% of the vote he received in Iowa (even though he didn't campaign much there, that's pretty bad) and he replied, "None of this worries me. 9/11, there were times I was worried."
Yeah, you weren't the only one, Rudy. Now give it a rest.

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