Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When in Michigan.....

The Michigan primary is today, and with only the Republican votes counting--since the Democrats took away the state's delegates for moving up its primary--it looks like a tight one between Romney and John McCain. Romney may have a bit of an edge because his father, George, was a popular Michigan governor and former head of American Motors (who gave us the Rambler, thank you very much). He is not so much embracing his roots as giving them a bear hug. While I am not a big Romney fan, I am pleased, having been born and raised in Michigan, to see him extolling Vernors ginger ale, the woody elixir of the gods native to that state. Even though Vernors is now owned by a huge conglomerate--a fact Romney no doubt approves of--it is, as he said yesterday, "the best ginger ale in the world."

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