Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Under Fire

Apologies for not posting for awhile, but I have been writing another book, which is taking up my time from dawn to dusk, and the presidential primaries have been on a little bit of an Easter hiatus. (My new book is on castaways and sometimes the allure of being on a desert island, alone, makes me start to salivate.)
Anyway, I have had to laugh about Hillary's claim that she had to run through sniper fire after landing in Bosnia in during a 1996 visit with none other than Sinbad, the comedian, and Sheryl Crow. Video shows her proceeding in a stately fashion across the tarmac and so she has had to backpedal. She had lost her lead in polls after Obama's eloquent speech on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and this is not going to help her any. It's a shame that American presidential candidates (and presidents) always have to act like they're so brave--to avoid my Classic Presidential Slur Number 2: "You're Not Tough Enough." I believe the only president to actually come under fire during combat was Abe Lincoln, who had to duck bullets sent his way by Jubal Early's raiding Confederates in 1864, yet candidates still try to claim that combat experience is a prerequisite for the office.

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