Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Fight Goes On

Well, despite all the handwringing and worrying that the Democratic party is tearing itself apart in a protracted primary battle, I--being more of presidential election anarchist--think what has happened so far is great. I mean, it's like a seesaw play-off battle to see who gets into the World Series or an extraordinary prelim race to see who makes the Olympic Finals.
Sure, it may leave both Hillary and Obama panting and covered with sweat, but it also allows us to see what these two are really made of. Obama, finally having learned the John Kerry Lesson--one must respond aggressively to negative attacks (I hate to say I told you so, but....) has finally announced his intention to go on the offensive, while Hillary, seemingly undaunted that the delegate math is against her, is now claiming that she is on a roll that will take her to the White House.
In the meantime, we are treated to the wonderful sight of John McCain being embraced by George Bush, the man whose minions so smeared McCain's reputation in South Carolina in 2000. Ain't politics wonderful?
Upcoming for the Democrats is Wyoming and Mississippi and of course Pennsylvania. Look for the race to get nastier and nastier. Obama is not just calling for Clinton income tax forms to be released--he is asking that her "papers" (“secreted in the Clinton library," as his top aide David Axelrod amusingly puts it) be released. Let's see--in that file marked "Plan Z" must be all the nasty stuff she's keeping on herself for just such a moment. Stay tuned.....

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