Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunshine for McCain

Florida went John McCain's way yesterday, as he nailed Mitt Romney 35% to 30%. Poor Rudy Giuliani was a distant third, just ahead of Mike Huckabee, and is expected to endorse his pal McCain today. Rudy's campaign never did get off the ground, despite national poll numbers in the stratosphere when he began. But a combination of poor strategic thinking and the negatives that began churning against him--his kids don't like him, his ex-wives were legion, Bernie Kerik was indicated, and providing "9/11" as the answer to almost any question-- proved to be too much.
I think that in less than a week we'll know who the Republican nominee will be--when the dust settles on Feb 5. Super Tuesday, it will be John McCain.
The Democrats are a different matter. Hillary won the state by a lopsided margin, 50 to 33% but of course these delegates supposedly won't count, like those in Michigan, because they held their primaries earlier against party rules. However, if she manages to be able to seat them down the line, they will be quite useful, and it does provide her with a boost after her hard loss in South Carolina. However, it's a tight race that very well may be undecided past Tuesday.
The good news for everyone is that voter turnout was high, with one out of every 3 registered voters casting a ballot, in some counties much higher than that. In a primary, that's a good number.

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