Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama in a Saunter

In the last week the Clinton campaign felt they were closing in on Barack Obama in South Carolina by using Bill Clinton to go after the Illinois Senator tooth and nail, but they were obviously way wrong. Barack kicked Hillary's pantsuit, winning with 55% of the vote to her 27% and Edwards' 18%. It wasn't just the black vote, as Obama garnered at least 25% of the white voters in South Carolina, as well.
This does not spell the death knell for Hillary, but the momentum Obama will have coming off such a resounding victory is going to be hard to contend with, especially in the next week, as candidates compete feverishly before the Feb. 5 Super Primary. Each has picked states that he or she needs to win in. Each will be going at it full force. We'll see if Hillary and Bill soften their tone about Obama a bit. Nothing succeeds like aggressive attack politics -- if they work. If they don't, they spatter back in the face of the attackers. Not that Obama hasn't used them himself, as I've been pointing out, only that he has so far been able to position himself as the victim of a Democratic establishment out to erase him.
Anything for a Vote note: On Friday Feb 1, you'll be able to hear me on radio stations across the country as I take to the airwaves prior to Super Tuesday for a Satellite Media Tour, talking about the book and primary goings-on. And for those of you blessed enough to reside in northeastern New Jersey, put Saturday afternoon Feb. 2 down on your calendars--I'll do a talk and book signing at 2 pm at the Barnes & Noble, 240 Rte 22 West, Springfield NJ.

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